Sweepstakes 4.0: Innovating New Potential from a Cornerstone Strategy

At agencies like Frankel/Arc Worldwide, 141 Worldwide. Momentum and TRG, I’ve been focused on sweepstakes as a cornerstone tool of sales promotion for 20+ years. But sweepstakes were probably the original marketing engagement tool, drawing audiences into proactive interaction with […]

In Branding & Content, How To Be Authentic – Authentically!

The impression a prospect gets of your brand usually doesn’t come by virtue of a single transformational encounter.  It’s through a series of incremental experiences: the Web banner or magazine/e-zine profile, the landing page or white paper download, the trade show or touring event, […]

4 Big Reasons to Build a Sweepstakes Around Branding

Originally posted to the blog of The Regan Group.  A statement of purpose motivated by the competitive squeeze being put on many promotions agencies by Cloud-based competition from OfferPop, WooBox and others. Digital sweepstakes and contests are in a position […]

Nearer Than We Thought: Brand Experiences Have to Embrace Apple’s NFC Revolution

Sure, there wasn’t all that much at Apple’s big reveal last week that was gobsmackingly innovative. Apple is a design company first, and pure technical innovation doesn’t always make for great design.  I know this for a fact, having had […]

Brands Get Social With Emmy 2014: What’s Next?

Originally posted at www.theregan group: Advertisers involved with the 2014 Emmy Awards saw it as an opportunity to expand the engagement envelope with consumers, as well they should.  It’s the kind of marquee event that will organically draw interest, naturally, […]