ThinkSmart is one of the leading lights in the world of workflow automation, competing with Oracle, Ninex and others to deliver greater efficiency and ROI to organizations. In ThinkSmart’s case, include governmental bodies, law firms and legal operations teams, HR, […]

Personalization In Practice: My Glimpse into the Future of Fashion at TechStyle

Personalization? Big Data? 1-to-1 engagement? Sure, I’ve heard of them.  I been to this marketing rodeo a few times before, pardner. It’s predictable as clockwork: Every few years, someone will waltz in with an overflacked approach, platform or PPT-friendly pitch […]

Reputation Automation: the Next Threshold in Personal Branding

We’ve talked about the Napoleon Problem, the potential pratfalls involved in not controlling your own brand. Taking control of your public persona, which is now slathered far and wide by social media, content marketing and mobile technology, will probably evolve beyond ‘reputation […]


For Kowa Optimed, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional-grade optometric and ophthalmological diagnostic systems, I was charged with structuring and writing their website. Clearly articulating product features and advantages was key, of course, and trading on the line’s established […]