See what clients and marketing leaders have say about my skills, depth of engagement and professionalism.


The best marketing content writer I have ever worked with.

Kelli Negro • Head of Marketing • ThinkSmart LLC

I’ve been in B2B Tech Marketing for 20 years and have worked with hundreds of marketers - employees, partners, contractors, agencies, et cetera…I can say for sure that Michael is among the top 5% of marketing talent, and is someone I will continue to work with.  My team actually found Michael and we used him as a hired hand on some writing projects.   I liked his work so much I started working with him directly myself, as he needs so little direction it was just faster than having anyone else in the middle.  He always understood what I was looking for .  I know Michael does many things well, and writing is definitely one of them.

Steve Dille • CMO, SparkPost

Mike is a terrific idea guy who understands a variety of media spaces. He is especially savvy on the experiential, social/digital and consumer promotion fronts. If you want out-of-the-box thinking, Mike is your guy.

Jay Farrell • CEO, 141 Worldwide/Ogilvy Action/G2 President, Take2Media

Probably the sharpest integrated marketing guy I know.   For big ideas, for strategy, for creative or copy, use him, abuse him, you can't go wrong.

Tom Jacobs • Founder, Activent Marketing

Mike Semer can be described as having the ideal 'consultant profile.'  He is confident, innovative, creative, analytical, a problem solver and communicator. His strong creative and conceptual abilities allow him to generate concepts and ideas independently or in groups. At Momentum Worldwide, his successes include leading the growth, development and creative management of power brands such as KRAFT FOODS as well as having a direct impact on the agency’s growth as a whole.

Emily D'Arcy-Duban • Senior Client Director • Critical Mass

He's the 'go-to' guy for great copywriting and big ideas.  Mike is easily the most talented copywriter and concept guy I've worked with, on both a fulltime and freelance basis. His ideas come fresh, fully baked and ready to serve up to the most demanding clients. In addition, Mike's presentation skills are huge--having seen him command a room and win pitches client after client. After nearly a decade, he is still the first-- and only--copy/concept/strategy resource I use.

Julie Colbrese • EVP/Chief Creative Officer, 141 Worldwide • President, Hot Coffee Coaching

Michael makes every project better. His ability to be a creative lead with an eye toward accomplishing the business objectives is a treat. His mind works wonders in a brainstorming session, bringing to the forefront progressive ideas grounded in insight. He harbors significant knowledge in experiential, social media, traditional advertising and brand positioning - a combination any client would welcome. In today's dynamic marketing mix, Michael brings thought and relevancy to every project. He's a strategic thinker with a creative mind that gets things done. I very much enjoyed working with Michael and would do so again without question.

Rodrigo Espinosa, M.S. • Director of Growth & Development, Latin America • George P. Johnson

Mike thinks like a strategist and delivers like the kind of creative leader he is, meaning he knows his way around every component of marketing communications and support.  I can't recommend him more highly; he's a real 'go-to' guy.

Marty Brennan • Principal, SMQ Holdings, LLC

Mike Semer is a talented and boldly innovative creative who understands consumer engagement and the fine art of bringing a brand's messaging to life. He's one of the best in the business, a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly.

Bruce Ginsberg • Senior Vice President • Porter-Novelli

Tech-savvy, creative inventiveness and strategic are a few words that encapsulate some of Michael's talents. When we first worked together, I was instantly impressed with his natural ability to switch his focus from purposeful design and pithy copy to strategic, client-centric goals and positioning. Michael is a gifted brainstorm leader, and can stretch ideas to new levels. He's a passionate collaborator, dedicated to creating the very best work and is the best person to have on a team that is willing to take risks to win. He's the real deal.

Tom Willett • Manager, Retail Promotional Marketing • U.S. Cellular

One of the most creative experiential minds I’ve met, with new thinking every day! Up to date in the latest trends, innovations and technology, Mike impresses me all the time with his strategic and creative thinking, his blending of physical and social touch points and engagement considerations. Mike willingly takes on any challenge and brings a truly distinctive perspective and vision to every opportunity. A thought leader, idea generator, brainstorm champion and proactive collaborator. Love working with Mike and the passion he delivers in his work every day!

Matt Brotze • Vice President of Business Development  IN Marketing Services

Mike is a guy you want on your team. He is willing to take on any challenge that comes his way. Need to create a new sales toolkit to help drum up new business? He's your guy! Need to define your brand's positioning statement and refresh your tagline? He's your guy! Need copy a client loves? He's your guy! You get the point! He's your guy!

Jessica Wolensky • Senior Director of Integrated Marketing & Promotions The Regan Group

I had the pleasure of working closely with Michael on multiple new business pitches. His experience in various segments in the non-tradional marketing landscape, drive to always think out of the box and remain on brand and objective helped our team win every time. His wit, wisdom, creativity, and drive to win continually enhanced the quality of the pitch process and delivery of the final creative concept. Michael is a valuable asset to any marcom team and I look forward to working with him again the future.

Annmarie Swope • President • Perspective, LLC

Michael was a brilliant facilitator and brought a fresh attitude to the table. Glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him and we hope to work with him again soon!

Carl Choi • Chief Steward • The Great Company

I hired Michael for his deep creative experience and expertise, his strategic mind and his great presentation/pitching abilities. We worked on many projects together for our clients, and I always found him to be very professional, both internally and with clients, and we benefited greatly from his insight and the effort he put in on existing client accounts as well as new business efforts. I believe that Michael would be a great addition to any team, as he was for ours.

Edward Keenan • Partner/Managing Director • Escalate/Snap Marketing

Let me get this straight: I write you a glowing recommendation, and you pay me $15.00?  Sorry, buddy.  Not only is it deceptive and unethical, but I'm dead.  Go away.

William Bernbach • Co-Founder, Doyle Dane Bernbach • Deceased