Project name:


Project description:

Provide an IT staffing firm, based in St. Louis and Kansas City, KS, with a new tagline, revamped branding and entirely-new website to set themselves apart from the recruitment firm pack.

  • “Helping you succeed by prioritizing people” was the tag line I provided, part of an overall “mission and message” platform that drove design and content for the rest of the site, collaterals, P.R., etc.
  • It’s one example among many in the HR and recruitment/staffing category where I’ve provided expertise in branding, site creation and content marketing to drive inbound traffic.
  • A sample of the site copy…

In the past, companies struggled with justifying technology as part of their enterprise. Nowadays, it’s a new struggle: to comprehend and integrate these ever-changing tools into each successful initiative…and benefit the bottom line.

Result? Markedly-increased page ranks in the first year and 334% more queries via the website.