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Our challenge was to revive the Balance Bars brand, which had slid into irrelevance and declining distribution and sales since its acquisition by my client, Kraft.

  • I was one the sole strategy/creative director Kraft invited from any agency to participate as a leader in a 6-month rebranding & repositioning workshop aimed at reviving the moribund brand.
  • We developed a proposal based on the EatBigFish model for devising a “challenger brand” strategy that would give the brand renewed relevance.
  • Our strategy: strip it down to its essentials and rediscover the compelling core motivations that cause people to engage with any “lighthouse” brand – and reboot the brand’s marketing based on a platform aimed at very particular audiences that would enable us to re-create its lost credibility and relevance.
  • I’ve had the occasion to both lead and be a participant in various brand and marketing platform development processes, and I’ve got to testify that the EatBigFish approach wins, hands down, at confronting every aspect of the brand equation — from product and packaging through messaging and culture.   I’ve carried its lessons forward in tackling other assignments ever since.

Click for the final re-branding presentation to Kraft senior management.

Balance Map