Project name:


Project description:

Help a business technology leader realize a branding and visual identity that measured up to the company’s stature.

  • BigMachines is of the biggest innovators in cloud-based solutions for B2B, especially for end-to-end sales and CRM.
  • But their existing identity didn’t drive home their leadership, or pioneering status. So I developed a new tag (“Sell More.  Sell Faster”), positioning and online UX/content strategy  — which went hand-in-glove with a new graphic grammar — that bluntly leveraged their status as a fundamental, pioneering presence in the category.
  • It was all part of a complete marketing makeover, a revised attitude and look-and-feel that translated to…
  • Collaterals
  • Web
  • Brand identity materials
  • Sell-in tools
  • Trade shows displays and more.

Big Machines