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Project description:

Drive family awareness of Eckrich meat products: that the brand offered products that went beyond breakfast sausage.

  • I led development of “Enriched by Eckrich”, a touring event with kitchen, dining room and cookout deck modules highlight breakfast, lunch and dinner occasions.
  • The real centerpiece was a video confessional held at the dinner table, where consumers gave us their stories on the importance of families eating together, a key concern for Moms.  Winning “taste-timonials would be posted to the Web and eligible for family-themed prizes such as scholarship bonds via online vote.
  • Since I conceived the “house” to be built of modular units, separate elements could be simultaneously deployed at multiple locations throughout a market.
  • As important as the operational elements was the fact I drove these concepts forward based on research, concept testing and consumer insights, not guesswork.  It worked: the $3.5 million program was the biggest win in history for EuroRSCG 4D Impact to that date.

Eckrich Mobile Event Eckrich 2

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