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Shown: elements in support of Frito-Lay’s tie-in with The Phantom Menace.  The challenge: satisfy LucasFilm’s insistence the program educate consumers globally about the Star Wars franchise, and help make the new films more successful overseas than the original trilogy.

  • So we needed a theme and core idea that educated and translated as a universal call-to-action.
  • I developed the winning tactic and led the that helped our agency, Frankel/Arc Worldwide, win the entire F/L business: “Can You Resist?”, an instant win game where consumers got to chose one of two paths, the dark or light.   But not both.
  • Choose the  good side of the Force for a 1-in-12 chance of winning; choose the dark side, and they could win one million bucks — but there was only one prize in over 1 billion game pieces.
  • “Can You Resist?” was ultimately executed in 137 countries worldwide!

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