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To create buzz around Season 2 of its espionage show, The Americans, FX asked TRG to come up with unique “stunts” and experiences with built-in virality.

  • We gave the client multiple options that met the task, but the ones they gravitated to the most?
  • A “surveillance van” would deploy in high-traffic urban plazas, parks and transit points, with a lenticular wrap that “revealed” the show logo as people walked by, and a Cold War-style “video wall” for show previews
  • Inside? A makeup studio where volunteers could don “disguises” like those used by the 2 principaFX Arrestls on the show to create their own videos and photos
  • That idea evolved into a viral video concept: via sweepstakes, we’d identify 5 winners who’d be professionally disguised and sent into their workplaces and homes to perplex friends and family (“who’s that guy at Bill’s desk?”) before an “FBI team” rushed in to “arrest” them – all captured on hidden cameras!
  • The client like the idea enough to increase our budget…but FX ended up cutting all pre-promotion around the show.

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