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I headed up concept development and copywriting for Frankel & Company when we won a big chunk of GM business away from Leo Burnett, after which I developed scores of direct mail, dealer support and sales promotion programs on behalf of Cadillac and Oldsmobile brands.

Here’s just one example of the kind of copy crafted to get “butts in seats” at the dealership.  This was for a program where we partnered the product with Rhino Records to award a jazz or classical CD compilation as incentive for test driving the car, ergo the sophisticated music theme:

ITS MELODY IS STYLE.  ITS HARMONY, PRECISION.  FOLLOW YOUR MUSE WITH AURORA. Aurora is not for everyone. It sings out as an original in a world of mainstream design and ‘me too’ styling.  It’s a symphony of art and science.  And it follows no one.  No elements conflict; nothing vies for attention.  Fluid.  Balanced.   Poised. From any angle, Aurora is in perfect harmony.

When it comes to styling, Aurora is completely unique. Familiarize yourself with Aurora’s grand composition.  A grille-less front end, aggressive shoulder haunches, fluted rockers, and tightly-arching wheel wells.  Aerodynamic, stable, and seamlessly integrated into a remarkably poetic shape. Aurora virtually ignores the wind, and defies convention. 

Thoughtfully refined and richly inviting, Aurora’s interior is crafted from the finest materials. You’ll find hand-selected, leather-trimmed seats.   Tasteful burled walnut accents.  And enough space to help ensure everyone’s comfort.