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Help launch the debut season of The Hallmark Channel’s big new show, Cedar Cove, and keep prospective viewers deeply engaged with its characters, storylines and setting through integrated digital, sweepstakes and live event executions!

  • My team created a “virtual Cedar Cove” microsite where users could explore the seaside community, encounter its characters, find and collect hidden digital tokens, and more.
  • Acquiring hidden digital tokens unlocked special show content, scenes, etc., driving stickiness, re-visits and buzz.
  • A sweepstakes with and its 1200 participating B&Bs awarded a grand prize of an annual vacation for the rest of your life.
  • Microsite sweepstakes entries totalled 950,810, and the virtual site was refreshed for Season 2!
  • The next cadence in the program? A “bike brigade” P.R. stunt in New York City, with Andie MacDowell and 70 lookalikes cruising the city on baby-blue bicycles, just like her character on the show.
  • An overlay hashtag sweepstakes rewarded bystanders for posting pictures of the “brigade.”
  • An estimated 2 million people saw our teams in action!

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