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As Momentum Worldwide’s primary strategy & creative representative in Kraft’s Integrated Marketing Communications planning process, I brainstormed, negotiated, dickered and maneuvered with other agencies — media, advertising, digital — to help plan the marketing calendar for all of Kraft’s Nabisco cracker and snack brands.

  • This Ritz Crackers program for calendar 2010 is typical: it featured Wyclef Jean leading his marching band, and was launched via a promotion build around a “celebrity flag football” stunt at the Super Bowl, and was extended thematically throughout the year into rich media digital, in-store, package-based promotions and more.
  • The key?  Keep the core equity of Ritz as simple and universal as possible — “Fun” — and promote and extend it in ways that are equally direct, uncluttered, Americana-esque, but  with a contemporary lilt: the marching band, but led by a hip-hop artist; simple backyard and tabletop games translated to digital online and event iterations, impromptu in nature but sophisticated in delivery.

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