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Kraft wanted a unique, innovative sampling program that could immerse upscale  U.S. consumers in the delicate goodness of LU, a longstanding French biscuit brand it was bringing to the States.

So it was important to

  • Among the concepts I developed at Momentum that led to our winning the $1MM+ assignment was this sensory booth concept.
  • Within the booth – to be placed in upscale malls, VIP airport lounges, boutique hotels and the like — our consumer would pick an “escape” and receive an image, sound and even scent immersion that could transport them to a Paris boulevard, the fields of Provence, or into a chocolatierie in Normandy — the home of LU.
  • Once their “escape” was done, the booth would deliver a two-pack wrapped sample of LU and a coupon.  Zut alors!
  • What also helped win the job was how we presented it: not with PowerPoint, but with a hand-made embossed, linen paper booklet, at at a lunch meeting we held in the only French patisserie in northern New Jersey.
  • The client said the presentation experience proved we “got” the sophisticated, tres elegante sampling experience they were trying to deliver to consumers.

LU Booth

Click to cover image below to view a PDF of the LU Presentation Booklet!

LU Presentation Booklet
LU Presentation Booklet