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As head of the group at Frankel & Company responsible for developing merchandising and customized store design, signage and promotional support for the chain’s 2,000+ “Special Points Of Distribution” (SPODs), I led a team responsible for…

  • Developing signage, P.O.S. and merchandising solutions and kits specific to McDonald’s multiple SPODs locations in Walmart, Chevron and Amoco/BP locations, consisting of many varying footprints and configurations
  • Taking every one of the core chain promotions and re-designing them for SPODs execution
  • Doing signage, store design and architectural experimentation and testing to assess operational and communication efficacy of different approaches to McDonald’s branding and communication
  • Delivering a variety of other special project solutions, from working with Disney’s Imagineers on co-branded McD’s/Disney store concepts to “walking brand” employee retention programs, a “McDonald’s Motel” resort initiative, “Company Joe” coffee bars for our convenience/service station locations, and more.