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When I was in charge of the McDonald’s Special Points Of Distribution (SPODs) team at Frankel, the client had us develop a fresh-brewed concept they saw as a way to get a piece of the lucrative market that Starbucks was opening up.

  • We developed the Company Joe brand, a self-serve coffee counter intended for installation in high-traffic McDonald’s locations, especially those in cobranded McDonald’s+Chevron/Amoco SPODs locations where it was meant to draw blue-collar consumers who could get a premium cuppa at a McDonald’s price.
  • From the logo on down to installation design, graphics, collaterals and every other element, my team created a complete look-and-feel for the program, which was piloted out in multiple locations.
  • Company Joe was eventually rolled into other initiatives…but I’ve still proudly held onto my Company Joe cap and tee.

Company Joe Logo Company Joe Elements