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How to get coffee-craving Americans to enjoy the rich taste of Melitta, and discover their new one-cup brewing product? In our judgment at EuroRSCP Impact, the right strategy was to intercept harried commuters and give them a sampling experience rife with the old-world style of the brand.

  • Our Melitta Pop-Up Bistro units were deployed at high-traffic transit points, where people were able to enjoy as much of a European café experience as they were likely to find in Union Station in Chicago (for example)
  • Each footprint included café seating, branded café umbrellas, and attentive servers and baristas delivering a respite from the homeward or workward rush
  • Besides sampling coffee, we handed out drive-to-retail vouchers with product information
  • The results were highly caffeinated: more than 35,000 samples were sipped over the course of the program, and 190,000+ vouchers were handed out.

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