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Project description:

Ford was re-launching the Mercury Mariner, with a new “Drive Zen” positioning, and wanted to reach 20-40-something women across the country with a live launch experience.

  • My team and I at Escalate conceptualized a “zen garden” event including demonstrations of tai chi, massage, personal car, zen cookery with local chefs, and more, communicating the “Drive Zen” experience via events situated in upscale spaces around the country
  • I enlisted the designer of the House Of Blues Foundation Rooms to mix in appropriate textures, fabrics, ambient lighting and music effects for an event with affecting, authentic ambiance and effect
  • It came together with zen-like ease, which was amazing – since we put the entire tour together, from getting awarded the job to the first event, in just five weeks!
Mariner 2F
Concept Rendering
Mercury 1
Actual tour in action
Mercury 2
Zen-themed juice bar
Mercury 3
Zen cookery station