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Project description:

A case study illustrative of how a branding approach needs to really understand the context where the branding will succeed or fail.

  • Microdynamics was a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of IBM systems and their own proprietary software for the apparel industry, and needed an updated look-and-feel and logomark.
  • Since their hardware would be placed in production and cutting rooms, we devised a brand/logomark that lent itself to being merchandised on large CRT monitors and furniture — airy, tech-smart, and bold yet easy on the eye when scaled up to the sizes you see in this spread ad that shows off the look.
  • It was also a clean., contemporary brand mark that functioned in any other context, as well.
  • This was part of an overall branding, advertising and collaterals campaign that was successful enough in driving awareness to attract the attention of a rival, who soon bought out the startup/venture team.