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Cheer repositioned itself to young women, making them aware its new Truefit formula wouldn’t change the sizing of new clothing when laundered – so how to best reach that audience?

  • At EuroRSCG, we decided a mall tour through malls with the right shopper profile was the most cost-effective answer.
  • I devised a mall tour educating them on the fact other detergents could shrink their carefully-selected purchases.
  • Our event cross-merchandised with mall retailers, and gave away discount certificates driving store traffic and Cheer purchases.
  • Best of all, an electronic sizing booth used high-tech scanning to give consumers an idea how fabric shrinkage would affect what they buy, as well as giving them an accurate picture of their actual proportions and sizing.
  • They could email themselves and others those sizes as “wish list!” gift requests.
Concept rendering

Cheer Tour