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The question the client had was, how to get Valspar’s line of paints in front of affluent women nationwide, preferable through a live experience?

  • At EuroRSCG, my team assessed various partners, and wound up recommending sponsorship of the U.S. Open Tennis Tour, including the Open in Flushing, N.Y.
  • We integrated prominent Valspar presence into the Tour – right down to creating a “U.S. Open Blue” color based on the singular color of the courts.
  • Activities included a digital “Face The Serve!” game where you tried to hit shots at pro-level speed and other exercises
  • Our event toured to all U.S. Open Tour events for 3 years running, and included a “skills test” area, meet-and-greets with pros, and more.  The program was then extended across integrated channels by Valspar’s other agencies

Valspar Medley