Mitratech is the global leader in legal SaaS for corporate and law firm ELM and point solutions to make legal operations more efficient, accurate, responsive, and cost-effective. Thanks to the work done in content strategy, execution, branding and marketing for […]

In Branding & Content, How To Be Authentic – Authentically!

The impression a prospect gets of your brand usually doesn’t come by virtue of a single transformational encounter. It’s through a series of incremental experiences: the Web banner or magazine/e-zine profile, the landing page or white paper download, the trade show or touring event, all […]

Perfect Storm, Perfect Shave: Or, How Disruption Invaded My Bathroom

There’s a craving for disruption nowadays.It’s why practitioners of innovation, or just clever hyperbole, label themselves as disruptors, even without the bona fides. Because there’s better press in it. Because consumers are increasingly on the lookout for disruptive tech, products and brands.Disruption is on-point. Disruption […]