App or Yak? #5

As heard on “Yak On Tech” on I Heart Radio:  It’s once again time to test your app-titude at identifying which of the three apps described below is a fake!

Label 1

Spirit Story Box

Let’s get spooky: Spirit Story Box is a 99-cent iPhone all that claims to detect and communicate with nearly ghosts! By measuring “certain environmental elements” around you, it supposedly can interpret a message from the beyond, and generate words based on the ectoplasmic energy it’s translating from the dearly departed!

So you’ll see a cryptic onscreen message, which could be anything from “hello” to “secrets” to “ripoff.”

Label 2


Here’s an app that’s a cut above. Yes, we went there.  Though we’re not proud of the fact.

If you’re Jewish and would like to share the joy of your eight-day-old son’s visit with the mohel for their ritual circumcision, BrisCast allows you to capture video of the occasion (and I worked a video camera at a bris once, so I know it happens) and send a video e-card to friends to celebrate the day! It’s probably not be for the ultra-Orthodox, but imagine your son’s grateful reaction in years

Label 3

Gym Shamer

What’s a great motivator to get fit? How about social shame and humiliation? Gym Shamer will push you to stick to your fitness goals, because if you slack off, it’ll push an embarrassing message to your social media contacts.

Your visits to the gym are monitored as Fourquare check-ins, and Facebook and Twitter integration will keep you on track – or else you’ll feel the pain of “embarrassing, degrading and humiliating” social media shame.

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