Develop a bold, unique graphic identity, company or product name, motivating mission statement, brand voice or other branding assets.

Every branding pundit has their own definition of what constitutes a "brand."  Here's mine, comprised of four inseparable components:

BRAND TilesBRAND PROMISE: How does your brand help your customer?

PRODUCT: The functions, features and benefits of what you're selling.

BRAND DESIGN: Logomarks, graphic lexicon, message platforms and other signifiers of your identity.

PERCEPTION: How your brand is really perceived by the people you're trying to engage.


Effective branding pays off, but that demands total integration of every component, delivering a consistent brand experience that functions perfectly at every point of contact with your target.

That's what I provide, applying 25+ years of experience in crafting branding and positioning strategies and messaging, design and content to support them in both B2C and B2B.  

  • New or revised brand identity development
  • Company/product naming
  • Logo design/design supervision
  • Branding/trademark research and competitive audits
  • Missions statements/elevator speeches
  • Brand guideline documentation & usage guides

  • Messaging, content & copy platform development
  • "Walking brand" stakeholder & employee strategies
  • Environmental communication plans
  • Branding and identity sell-in presentations