How we'll help you hit your goals - by the hour, by the project, or on retainer.

The truth? Clients don't pay us a single thin dime for ideas, copy or content. 

They pay for results. That's why they pick us in the first place. 

They know there's a direct connection between compelling strategyquality content, killer creative and their marketing ROI.  

Take a look at our testimonials and you'll see why clients find value. Hold us accountable to your own KPIs or ROI, and you'll learn why, too.



You'll enjoy fair and honest rates for blue-chip-quality services, backed by decades of professionalism.

Services range from brand & identity development to content strategy and content creation, copywriting, social media curation and more.


We'll always be ready to quote you an accurate flat fee for an entire job, or a phase of a bigger project.

The benefit? It means neither of us has to keep an eye too closely on the clock, because we've already agreed on the price.


Retainers work either of two ways: Based on our delivering a set number of projects or elements per month (blogposts, for instance), or as a "bucket" of hours each month that are applied to whatever work needs doing.

What's your benefit in establishing a retainer?

  • Lower costs, more value: If you've got a lot of work that needs doing, you'll pay a lower rate per hour, while enjoying predictable costs you can plug into your budget.  Plus, we're happy to overdeliver in hours (within +10-15%) against a retainer.
  • Partnership pluses: Retainer clients find that having an on-call resource who's more engaged in their total business means we can polish their marketing in a hundred different ways.
  • retainer-quoteContinual review & enhancement: Ongoing collaboration means my clients can analyze results and make continual changes to campaigns, content and more, without worrying about whether we've burned through stated hours on a project.
  • Long-term results: A retained consultant can provide long-view, big-picture perspective and planning, leading to better overall results from holistic programs.
  • Clear your desk and ease your mind: Our experience managing marcom programs for 20+ years means you can offload some of the oversight, vendor management or other tasks -- and freeing yourself up to attend to other challenges.


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