City of Hope


Marketing, Creative


Content, new design/writing guidelines, inbound marketing, content calendar, email campaign

I was a consultant and lead writer at City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, CA, one of the nation’s foremost research and treatment institutions in the fight against cancer and other deadly diseases. Acting as Executive Director, Creative Planning & Strategy during this extended period, I managed internal creatives, external vendors, and created content and digital marketing support to meet a huge range of needs.

My accomplishments there included:

  • Reworking their entire website’s primary content (180+ pages) to be branding and SEO-compliant, and advising on UX/UI enhancements to align to new branding and with content/inbound marketing best practices.
  • Developing new design/writing guidelines for content.
  • Managing outside agencies and consultants on inbound marketing implementation, including persona development and platform evaluation.
  • Creating their first integrated content calendar to drive cross-team integration across web, social media and other content implementations.
  • Leading re-design and editing for donor communications, including their donor magazine, CityNews.
  • Revamping the internal creative studio and establishing newer, more efficient intake and delivery processes.
  • Implementing their first awareness-targeted email campaign to drive virality and nationwide visibility.
  • Writing scores of content, advertising and marketing elements, from patient education brochures to videos, ads, email newsletters and more.
  • Developing various stakeholder and internal communications campaigns, such as this one for their Advance Directive initiative: