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Project description:

For SAAS HR software platform developer/provider HR Cloud, a spinoff of, the client needed a branding approach that made its sophisticated, app-based approach seem revolutionary and transformative for its target audience — every enterprise HR manager in America, basically.

  • My solution? To position the brand and its products as offering the ability to help those clients “Engage, Empower, Enchant” workers, turning the workplace into a collaborative and fulfilling environment where HR Cloud’s social-based tools would drive greater loyalty and evangelism from the workforce.
  • The platform and its associated apps would be presented in clear, non-technical terms, always stressing the stability and plug-and-play ease of implementation.
  • The target audience for HR software, in this new, Cloud-based era, isn’t interested in the grubby technical details, except as to how they deliver clear-cut benefits.  They’re after idiot-proof tools that help them stay in close contact with employees…and if those tools make each them a hero within their organizations, that’s a big bonus.