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Here’s an example of how bleeding-edge design serves corporate branding.  The user experience of a site can be as compelling a branding statement as any logo or tag line: for LRW, one of the world’s top marketing research firms, they wanted a site that reflected their qualities: intelligence, innovation, directness and ability to impact client business.

  • I sold them on the idea of a “one page website” — using HTML5 to create an experience, where users can easily explore the depths of LRW’s offerings, resources and reputation simply by moving around the home page
  • Within the subpages were plenty of engagement points — interactive graphs, unlocks, social links and more
  • The tone was smart, direct, even blunt and challenging in spots…much like LRW’s own swagger and style
  • Our primary target — young to mid-level research buyers — quickly “got” how the site worked, and higher-level clients have been impressed by its uniqueness
  • It’s the LRW “So What?” brand, which challenges assumptions and demands insight, articulated in digital experience
  • My initial concept literally came to me during a lunch break, and got scrawled on a notepad sheet
  • On the content marketing side, I’d ghostwrite white papers, do blog and Twitter material and more, putting the ruminations of various LRW brainiacs into more digestible form.

LRW HomeLRW DeliverLRW ImpactLRW rough 5

White papers:

POV PAPER Usable Segmentations

POV PAPER Show Me The Norms