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Revised corporate branding and messaging architecture, content strategy, new website, M&A messaging and strategy, content and collateral, management of company blog, TOFU/MOFU/BOFU email campaigns

Mitratech is the global leader in legal SaaS for corporate and law firm ELM and point solutions to make legal operations more efficient, accurate, responsive, and cost-effective.

Thanks to the work done in content strategy, execution, branding and marketing for another client, ThinkSmart, I became Mitratech’s key resource, as I:

  • Provided unifying communications and content strategy consultation to consolidate disparate marketing efforts into a blended program.
  • Helped lead development of a completely revised corporate branding and messaging architecture, which I then drafted, as well as developing branding/messaging architectures for their key products.
  • Concepted an entirely new website, including homepage and branding/continuity elements, as well as writing/editing/publishing over 90% of its pages, including SEO.
  • Wrote, edited, and designed their industry-leading blog, including content strategy work, calendar supervision, backlinking/social strategy and execution, and more.
  • Wrote and edited their full range of content and collateral including ebooks, white papers, videos, product guides, sell sheets and more.
  • Developed Merger & Acquisitions messaging strategy and execution for over a dozen M&As that built out Mitratech’s offerings portfolio, including messaging architectures, migration strategies for acquired content, press releases, FAQs, emails, etc.
  • Wrote their TOFU/MOFU/BOFU email campaigns on behalf of multiple products in various segments.
  • Created presentations and event materials on behalf of the brand.

Content & Collateral

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