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Project description:

I was honored to help the Taproot Foundation by leading an effort to revise the branding and positioning of To Help Everyone (T.H.E.) Clinic, one of the pioneering providers of affordable healthcare to L.A.’s underprivileged and underserved citizens.

The Clinic’s concern? That for-profit hospital chains were entering their community, presenting sophisticated new competition, raising concerns that T.H.E. Clinic’s branding and positioning were outmoded (or so some of their marketing consultants insisted).

Our response?

  • We conducted an extensive series of Brand Audits with stakeholders, staff, patient and community members to identify and understand the perception of the clinic, its importance to the community as a whole and to the individuals who need its services.
  • Lots of options were on the table: change the clinic’s name, the focus of its branding and platforming, and more.
  • But my net recommendation was the one we followed: to simply refine and sharpen the existing message, because the mission and importance of the clinic was clear in the minds of those it served — so it was critical to stay centered on those messages, not dilute or revise them.
  • The website and branding materials were revamped in line with that strategy.
  • In the end, T.H.E. Clinic enjoyed something far more valuable than a glammy new logo or name: the respect and love of its community.

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