Content, Website, Digital Marketing


Messaging architecture, white papers, ebooks, blogging and blog management/design, social media posts, PR, illustrations, website content & UX consultation.

ThinkSmart was one of the leading lights in the world of workflow automation, competing with Onit, Ninex, and others to deliver greater efficiency and ROI to organizations.

In ThinkSmart’s case, that included government agencies, law firms, and legal operations teams, HR, finance, and others.

They were smart people, and a great pleasure to work with.  They were successful enough to be acquired by Mitratech, another leader in operations automation.

My role? Write and manage their blog, including post design and CMS supervision; create content such as white papers, ebooks, social media posts, and more, craft illustrations and source photography for those same elements, develop a new branding architecture, and implement it through a re-designed, re-written website.