In Branding & Content, How To Be Authentic – Authentically!

The impression a prospect gets of your brand usually doesn’t come by virtue of a single transformational encounter. It’s through a series of incremental experiences: the Web banner or magazine/e-zine profile, the landing page or white paper download, the trade show or touring event, all […]

Nearer Than We Thought: Brand Experiences Have to Embrace Apple’s NFC Revolution

Sure, there wasn’t all that much at Apple’s big reveal last week that was gobsmackingly innovative. Apple is a design company first, and pure technical innovation doesn’t always make for great design.  I know this for a fact, having had […]

Location-based social media — can it help in B2B?

This list of marketing programs that use Foursquare suggests how using location-based social media can work on behalf of B2B marketers, too.  Especially since any marketing category is inherently competitive, and the most innovative and aggressive marketers will jump on […]