Marketers Await AI’s (Eventual) Impact

According to a new survey of marketing leaders worldwide, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to have an impact. But they think it’ll take a while.

The April 2017 survey was by  Salesforce, and respondents said they expected improvements in efficiency and personalization over the next five years.

60% of them expect AI will improve the efficiency of campaign analytics, digital asset management and collection of business insights.

Over 60% also foresaw leveraging AI to create dynamic landing pages and websites, and saw AI impacting programmatic advertising and media buying.

Based on my recent experience with clients like MarianaIQ, that’s all reasonable. But I’d wager some of those effects will come faster than some realize, especially if some marketers begin to pull away from the pack thanks to implementation of AI.

Certain brands and marketers will play the part of pioneer, and there’ll be enough reward for them that others will go the typical land rush to adopt AI and machine learning as core offerings. Betcha!

It’s not a “wait and see” situation, because some marketers are already seeing the benefits that AI can deliver. And nobody likes to play catch-up.