Which App is Fake? Quiz #2

As heard on “Yak On Tech” on I Heart Radio:  Two of these three mobile app descriptions refer to an actual app, but one is totally false, fake and fabbed-up (but not that far-fetched).  Vote for the one you think is the fake!

Label 1Ethan

 Are you not really that into communicating with a lot of people? Then Ethan is probably the app for you: it only lets you send instant messages to the app’s developer. Who happens to be a guy named Ethan.

Carry on a conversation with Ethan about anything. So long as he’s available and, we presume, interested. Or, if you’d rather be having a conversation with someone else, you can use a very similar app named Samantha, where you’re messaging Samantha. Samantha, by the way, is Ethan’s sister.

Label 2Paper Race

Here’s the answer to the question asked by probably nobody at all: between you and your friends, who can spin off a complete roll of toiler paper the fastest?

Paper Race lets you pair up with a pal to see who can win the big spin-off, whether it’s in the loo or just for good, clean fun. To be fair, we’re not talking about actual toilet paper – it’s strictly an onscreen Google app game which allows you to link up with friends to unroll virtual, animated TP, not the real thing. So take a swipe at fun today!

Label 3Hair Compare

Got a new do you’d like to show off? Hair Compare lets you shoot pictures of your new cut or blow-out, even if you’re still in the salon chair, creating a stereoscopic 3D image you can save for future reference.

Seeing a new stylist? Use Hair Compare to show them your most flattering look so there’s no room for doubt when you tell them, “here’s what I want.”   Share images with friends, who can then import your look and superimpose it on their own selfies so they can see how good – or bad – they’d look in your look!

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