Which App Is a Fake..?

Two of these three mobile app descriptions are of an actual published app; one is totally fabricated (but not that far-fetched, in the app universe).  Vote for the one you think is the fake!

Drunk Dial No!

Drunk DialIt’s 1 AM on a Saturday night: do you know where your sobriety is?

The next afternoon, do you remember where your mobile calls went the night before? Drunk Dial No! hides all the contact numbers you choose to keep from yourself for up to 48 hours, so you can block that late-night booty call to the ex-girlfriend — or to her really hot roommate you knew really, really wanted to get busy with you, even if she never gave you the time of day.  Stop the regrets before they happen!

[spacer height=”10px”]Proctrex Explorer

GloveThere are literally hundreds of patient exam apps available today, but none offer the on-the-spot diagnostic flexibility of Proctrex Explorer.

Using its real-time WiFi database integration capabilities, you can access and revise patient records instantly; using its exclusive Proctrex Video Wand peripheral, you can plug in – so to speak – and provide patients with an on-the-spot lower colonic examination regime, whether in the office or the field, and even email your videos and stills to other specialists or your patient’s GP for immediate consults. It’s the ultra-portable proctoscopic solution no modern practice should be without!


Annoyed DaughterWhen kids turn into teens, they turn into wild animals. Ravenous, rebellious and ready to sulk, smartoff and just generally annoy you at every turn. And like wild animals, they can hear high-end sound frequencies you can’t.

So if they’re driving you crazy, return the favor! Annoy-A-Teen emits high-range sounds guaranteed to irritate them no end, but your ancient ears won’t hear a thing! Turn it on, slip your phone in your pocket, and nobody but you will be the wiser when all those “young people” get the yips! It’s good for hours and hours of fun. Maybe even years of fun!

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