App or Yak #3!

As heard on “Yak On Tech” on I Heart Radio: 2 of these 3 descriptions are of a real app, but one is totally false and fabbed-up (but not that far-fetched).  Vote for the one you think is fake!

Label 1Passion

Have you ever wondered what your personal “sex score” is? Did you know you could even score that?   Ahh, technology: Passion lets you know how you stack up in the sack by using your smartphone’s microphone, accelerometer and other features to output a score as you score!

All you have to do is start the app, put your iPhone on the bed, in an arm band, or put it in your pocket.   And, of course, there’s no pressure to perform when you’ve got a digital reviewer with you right there in the boudoir!

Label 2

Level Best

You’ve seen apps that turn your smartphone into a handy level, but you’ve never seen on that turns it into a handy interior decorator.

Using Level Best, you can not only make sure your pictures and shelves are level, but you can map an entire wall or room, tell it the exact items you’re going to hang or place, then have its built-in “spatial consultant” feature tell you what the most proper and tasteful arrangement is to achieve your personal feng shui. If you could set it so that it spoke with a French accent and called itself Monsieur Pierre, it’d be perfect.

Label 3


There are plenty of apps around that simulate noxious emissions – think about that – but there’s only one and original iFart.

Talk about transparency in branding: this app does exactly what it sounds like, but with a wide range of choices that’ll let the eight-year-old in any of us to sound off in the style we love, from “Jack the Ripper” to “Burrito Maximo” or “Laundry Day.” Plus it’s got a pantload of other features like “Fart-A-Friend” sharing or the chance to emit your own personal masterpiece with its “Record-A-Fart” feature.

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