Content Versus Value: Don’t Stuff The Sausage

I (and a lot of other smart people) have written about the difference between content and craptent, and the responsibility we each should assume as content creators to make sure we’re delivering value.

While futzing around in search of a visual analogy, I thought of the image up above.

It works for me. Without commitment to creating value at the end of the chain, you’re just stringing together filler.

Does it seem overly simplistic? Then why do so many content generators forget it?

I need to always remember I’m not just creating “content,” that I shouldn’t be aiming to stuff the sausage and grind out material only for presence, or for SEO/SEM’s sake.

I need to consider myself a value creator. Does what I publish have real worth and utility for my audience?

What is that value, exactly? That’s up to you, your client or employer.

But originality, insight and (thought) provocation need to be part of it.

Or else we’ll all just drown in…you know.[spacer height=”20px”]

Meat Slime

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