In Part 6 of our Convergence or Collision? AI and Content Marketing series, we’ll explore the AI developers you need to know.

How can AI help content marketers?

Now that we’ve discussed the history of AI, NLG, and the benefits of automated content creation, it’s time to talk about content marketing and AI.

AI offers many benefits to content marketers. But the biggest benefit of all? AI can help marketers leverage data into better, more precisely targeted campaigns and narratives.

According to Marketing AI Institute, content marketers are most likely to use AI for:

  • Planning: build intelligent strategies
  • Production: create intelligent content
  • Personalization: power intelligent consumer experiences
  • Promotion: manage intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions
  • Performance: turn data into intelligence

Intrigued by the usefulness of AI? Great! Now, we’re going to dive into the profiles of 8 major AI developers and see how their technologies can help businesses – and content marketers – extract insights and stories from complex sets of Big Data.

Major AI Developer Profiles:

  • Automated Insights
  • Arria
  • Brightedge
  • Cobomba
  • MarketMuse
  • Narrative Science
  • Yseop
  • Plus, we’ll briefly discuss the uses of AI in social media marketing.

AI Developer Profile # 1: Automated Insights

Automated Insights created Wordsmith, the world’s first public Natural Language Generation platform, which turns Big Data into easy-to-understand stories.

How does it work? Data is entered and run through a narrative template. The template spits out content that theoretically reads like a human produced it, by varying structure, word choice, and more.

What’s the best use? The technology is best used for routine, similarly structured, large-scale production of content, like daily updates on Yahoo! Sports about fantasy football scores.

Who uses Automated Insights AI? Primarily media, sports, real estate, business intelligence, and technology brands that deal with frequent, constantly changing sets of Big Data. Clients include Yahoo, Associated Press, Tableau, Homesnap, Zillow, The Orlando Magic, ReTechnology, Microsoft Excel, GoogleSheets, Allstate. Partners include: Tibco software, Tableau, micostrategy, Amazon Echo, Modev, Zapier.

Bottom line? Wordsmith is best for turning enormous, never-ending quantities of data into readable narratives that don’t require too much human insight, creativity, or analysis.

AI Developer Profile # 2: Arria

Arria is a UK-based company that created the Arria NLG Platform. Arria NLG uses data analytics and information delivery to analyze information from a wide variety of sources.

How does it work? Arria NLG analyzes and interprets large quantities of raw or sensor data. After analysis, Arria NLG then expresses the key insights or trends to users in text or voice reports. The analysis is based on the rules set by the domain expert.

What’s the best use? To learn key insights from data, for creating strategic and tactical business moves. To that extent, Arria NLG can be applied to Business intelligence Dashboards, business applications, Robotic Process Automation, voice applications, and Conversational AI.

Who uses Arria AI? Primarily used by those in financial services, healthcare, sales, and marketing. Clients include Athena, Microsoft Power BI, IBM, Qlik®, WeCrunch, Tableau, Starschema, Pathfinder Solutions, and more.

Bottom line? Arria can help explain complex data sets to users. The advanced voice and text analysis reports are helpful for making sense of trends and insights.

AI Developer Profile # 3: BrightEdge

BrightEdge combines search intent discovery, optimized content creation, and performance measurement to drive online traffic to websites.

How does it work? BrightEdge uses AI to understand search queries and find competitor for content topics. After content and SEO analysis, BrightEdge can help guide content creation and optimization and then monitor that content performance.

What’s the best use? For brands that need to discover what people are searching for, to help build a higher-traffic content strategy.

Who uses BrightEdge AI? 57 of the Fortune 100 and brands like Audi, Adobe, Tommy Hilfiger, Microsoft, Macy’s, Marriott, and more.

Bottom line? BridgeEdge is most helpful for businesses that need to create a high-performing website that builds brand awareness and revenue.

AI Developer # 4: Cobomba

Cobomba helps marketers optimize past and future content with automated content audits, content recommendations, a content calendar tool, and metrics.

How does it work? Cobomba automatically crawls a website and suggests key content pillars based on the audience’s searches. Then, the content pillars are scored for relevance, discoverability, and performance. AI generated recommendations can then help dictate future content topics, formats, distribution channels, length, readability, journey, and more.

What’s the best use? Content effectiveness. With content audits, planning, and metric tools, Cobomba can help build more effective, ranked content.

Who uses Cobomba AI? Marketers.

Bottom line? Cobomba can help revitalize older content and help you plan for more successful content in the future.

AI Developer # 5: MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform that helps marketers research, plan, and draft content.

How does it work? MarketMuse helps predict content success (with SEO recommendations), guides content optimization (with goals for topics to cover, word count, and KPIs), and by “writing” drafts of this optimized content that require “minimal human editing.”

What’s the best use? Content optimization.

Who uses MarketMuse AI? Companies that need their content to move up the SEO ladder. Clients include Coretex, Carelinx, Healthline, ClickUp, and ExecVision.

Bottom line? For content optimization, MarketMuse can help brands and marketers create highly competitive, SEO-optimized content that gets more clicks.

AI Developer # 6: Narrative Science

Narrative Science developed a Natural Language Generation platform called Quill. Quill creates stories about data sets through a combination of data analytics, natural-language generation, and core artificial intelligence.

How does it work? Quill is Software as a Service (SaaS), or a licensing and delivery model. After a user selects a set of data, Quill automatically creates a story about that data, including graphics and charts, to showcase important insights.

What’s the best use? Business intelligence, to understand historical, current, and predictive views of operations.

Who uses Narrative Science AI? Primarily used by analytics leaders and analysts, as well as financial services sectors. Clients include accenture, Hearts, Deloitte, mastercard, United States Intelligence Community, USAA, and Legg Mason.

Bottom line? Narrative Science’s Quill can help transform data into actionable insights that multiple departments or users can understand.

AI Developer Profile # 7: helps create personalized e-newsletters that can be targeted to highly specific audience segments. also automates newsletter sending and can provides metrics.

How does it work? By analyzing a reader’s stats, like open rate, subscribe date, and favored topics, helps create hyper-specific newsletter content.

What’s the best use? To create ultra-personalized, segmented e-newsletters and capture data on your readers.

Who uses products? Professional organizations that want to send more customized, targeted content. Clients include American Marketing Association, American Society for Microbiology, Australian Dental Association, hfma, and more.

Bottom line? This smart newsletter AI is a way to quickly turn one e-newsletter into several customized pieces of content.

AI Developer Profile # 8: Yseop

Yseop (pronounced “easy-op”) automates the writing of articles, emails, reports, websites, and more with natural-language generation software.

How does it work? Yseop offers two natural language generation programs, Savvy and Compose.

  • Savvy is a plug-in tool that uses CRM data to generate reports and narratives, to boost the cross-selling and upselling of products. Savvy writes in multiple languages.
  • Compose is a plug and play software that turns charts into written narratives, in multiple languages. Compose works with Qlik, Excel, and other dashboards and data visualisation softwares. Compose writes in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

What’s the best use? Yseop’s tools are best for analyzing charts and data, then writing insights about that information in a human-like form.

Who uses Yseop products? Primarily e-commerce Industry and managers, and everyday users of Business Intelligence tools. Clients include Société Générale, FactSe,, and L’Oreal.

Bottom line? Yseop’s Savvy and Compose helps companies analyze wide swaths of data and then translate that data into easy-to-read reports written in a variety of languages.

Bonus: AI for Social Media Marketing

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to state that AI is increasingly being used for social media content creation and marketing. More specifically, developers are now offering AI for:

  • Content creation – create social media posts
  • Content optimization – using AI to decide which posts to promote that day/week/month
  • Consumer intelligence – garner insights from users and readers interactions
  • Customer service – chatbots to help customers with common issues
  • Competitive intelligence – AI that mines social media metrics to find insights
  • Influencer marketing – AI deployed to find influencers best suited to a brand’s particular goals and style

And here are 6 social media focused AI platforms:

  • Converseon – uses a machine-learning platform to gains insights from social and voice-of-customer data
  • Conversocial – offers social and mobile channels chatbots for customer service
  • InsightPool – searches millions of influencers to find those best suited to a brand’s voice, personality, and goals
  • Twizoo – uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically discover and display the most engaging, high-converting social media content
  • Unmetric – AI that mines social data for brand insights

Moving ahead, we predict plenty more innovative AI programs and platforms that can help businesses and content marketers craft better campaigns, stories, and messaging.

In our next post, we’ll discuss AI user profiles.

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