Difference-Makers Are Different

Innovator Venkat Nagaswarmy
Innovator Venkat Nagaswarmy

It’s so much fun to work with smart people. Really smart people. The kind who compulsively innovate. Who move the rest of us forward.

Like the guy in this video, Venkat Nagaswamy, founder/CEO of MarianaIQ.  A firm I’m very, very happy to claim as a client.

He and his team are brilliant. They must be, because I can barely keep up with them when they’re trying to explain what they’re doing.

What are they doing? They’re actually changing marketing forever.

That’s not me pushing out a bad copy line. That’s according to their customers, whom I’ve had a chance or two to speak with. They swear by Venkat and his crew and their AI prospecting platform.

Another point? Not many CEOs would start out a video profile by singing in the shower.

But it’s a funny thing. Difference-makers are different. 

They don’t spend a lot of time sweating what others think. They don’t pander. They strike out on a course and make something happen that’s never happened before.

Like I said. It’s good to be around people like this. You always learn something important, if you know enough to pay attention.

He went to the wrong school*, but that’s okay.

*I went to Michigan State. It’s a Big Ten thing.

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