If It Smells Like Genius…

Smells Like Genius
Smells Like Genius

Whoa.  This this outdoor program from British dog food maker Wagg Foods is pure brilliance.  Out-of-home advertising and promotion offer any business the chance to do something outstanding, and it doesn’t have to be as scientifically erudite as this — where the company’s scientists worked with its agency to formulate the, uh, attractant, using 15 different scent ingredients.

Better still was a 2001 U.K. campaign for Animal Planet in 2001, which featured ads that smelled like dog urine, apparently the one odor that drives dogs wilder than food.  In that instance, the odorous ads were placed at the base of lampposts, with companion ads at eye height for humans.

Work like this trips into the realm of guerilla and location-specific marketing, which make all the sense in the world for a lot more companies than dive in and actually do it.  But you’ve got to embrace the opportunity, and not flinch when it presents itself.  And, of course, always try to exercise some modicum of insight and good taste.

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