Location-Based Social Media: Can it Help in B2B?

This list of marketing programs that use Foursquare suggests how using location-based social media can work on behalf of B2B marketers, too.  Especially since any marketing category is inherently competitive, and the most innovative and aggressive marketers will jump on a tool like location-based media…especially as it becomes commonplace and comfortably familiar for the general population.  Better to jump into the lead than lag when it comes to applying leveragable marketing tools that can differentiate you from the pack.

Since a tool like Foursquare is cross-platform, there’s no hardware barrier to its use — whether iPhone or Blackberry, any customer or employee should be able to easily access and participate in a program you mount.  A few possibilities:

  • Ideas like the Gowalla and Chevy partnership at SXSW, delivering free airport shuttle service to Foursquare users, suggest an obvious way to use this media as part of a trade show or conference check-in program.
  • While attendees are out on the floor, use Foursquare to drive them to your booth or display with promotional spiffs for checking in at your location; geo-markers, A/R and other digital overlays can also be deployed to enliven your presence.
  • After-hours activities like dinners, entertainment tours, or other around-town junketing can be made more efficient and entertaining via location-based media.  Imagine a scavenger hunt or sightseeing tour with a series of plotted check-in points that delivers information, value-addeds, spiffs or other rewards.
  • Build virtual presence at a trade show or conference, even if you don’t have an actual booth Inbound marketing software firm HubSpot did it, by creating a check-in spot at SXSW that was virtual, and by allowing attendees to download and use their Foursquare Grader and Speaker Grader tools.