MINI’s Augmented Reality Game

In Stockholm, MINI, already among the most imaginative of marketers, launched an augmented reality game this autumn that shows what the possibilities are for exciting and engaging consumers while delivering a cool brand impression.

Using AR on their mobile devices, combined with a geolocator/tracking platform, people could “grab” a virtual, 3D MINI Countryman and play keep-away with other players…because whoever wound up with the virtual car at the end of the game won the real vehicle.

It’s play, it’s marketing, and it’s an example of the kind of program we don’t see enough of here in the States yet.  Why is a good question, though I suspect it has to do with some marketers’ perceptions that AR or mobile don’t have the mass penetration they’d like to see.  That’s increasingly not the case…and even if does, you’re still reaching early adopters and opinion drivers with campaigns like this.  So it’s definitely a worthwhile part of any overall strategy, even if everyone in your target audience can’t participate.  This program only took place in Stockholm, but it’s been viralized around the world ever since!