Neuromarketing dissects the Gap debacle…

NeuroFocus is a Berkeley, California-based firm that claims to be at the bleeding edge of “neuromarketing” as the world’s leading experts in understanding what they call “the buying brain”  — and they’re released an analysis of why Gap’s recent re-branding went so horribly, visibly down the pipes.

It’s an interesting dissection.  Using EEG equipment, the firm monitored subjects’ reactions to the new and old logos, and detected a host of adverse reactions.  Sharp edges?  Check.  Fonts not visually interesting enough?  Check.  Bad color decisions?  Check.  And more.

We’re far from being advocates of having every single branding or marketing communications element be vetted in the laboratory, but much of what they concluded aligns with the “common sense” and “design best practices” that have been handed down through the years in this business.

As one of my clients, Mike Biersma, put it best — the new logo simply sucked.  Which doesn’t detract, as he points out, from the fact that the existing logo could still stand a freshening.

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