Coast Southwest


Branding, Website, Social Media, Content Marketing



Branding, website, blogging, social media, white paper/article/content creation

Coast Southwest, a leading distributor of chemical ingredients, needed a new logo, positioning, message strategy and website, and a social media/content marketing approach to go with it.

  • After conducting an audit of their competition, and asking the team at Coast Southwest to identify their key points of difference, I developed a focus on “innovation” – in service, safety, and collaborating with their customers to develop new product solutions.
  • That translated across all messaging, the new and improved website, into social media and an “Innovation Blog” and newsletter which highlighted much more than just Coast Southwest’s capabilities, but advances in the industry globally.
  • That, combined with an SEO-compliant site design and site content strategy, increased their page views by +2,200% and drove an appreciable increase in inbound leads.
  • And I gave them a tagline (see at left) that they’ve loved from Day One.
  • Since then, I’ve taken on blogging, social media and white paper/article/content creation for CSW as we position them as a segment leader with international reach.