EDL Consulting


Website, Content, UX


Digital audit, site design, brand design, website copy (60+ pages)

For EDL Consulting I strategized the user experience and content of a new Web site for one of the most innovative and fastest-growing IT consultancy firms in the country.

The final site leveraged several areas of expertise:

  • Strategy: Before a single element was designed or written, I conducted a thorough Digital Audit to assess best (and worst) user experience practices in EDL’s competitive category and beyond.  A key finding was that many IT consultancy sites are impenetrably complex and layered, their poor UX making it hard for prospects to quickly find the answers they’re after.
  • Site Design: Since EDL, like its competitors, touches on many facets of IT and business operations, I proposed the site offer multiple clearly-delineated paths to each solution, so any user would be able to quickly locate what they’d find pertinent.
  • Concept and Copy: I wrote the entire site (60+ pages), developed a compelling messaging strategy, then developed and storyboarded the intro Flash movie (among other elements) that drives home the theme.
  • Brand Design: The site design is its own form of Branding: EDL’s site is crisp, clear, linear and easy to engage with, characteristic of EDL’s mission and capabilities. This speaks to EDL’s ability to “simplify complexity” by demonstrating it in real practice.
  • The new site has been a quantum improvement over the prior site, and had already generated solid buzz and leadgen within just weeks of its launch.