Branding & Messaging Architecture; Content Marketing Strategy; Content Writing, Editing, Design; Email Marketing; Social Media Marketing; SEO; Website Content & UX

Vendavo Logo


Revised corporate branding and messaging architecture, processes review & implementation, content strategy, new website,  design oversight, content and collateral, management of company blog, TOFU/MOFU/BOFU email campaigns

Digital B2B Marketing

MSMC completely revised Vendavo branding, website, and blog/content execution, resulting in site-related MQLs rising by 5,815% in just nine months.

Rise in organic traffic levels to Vendavo blog pages

Vendavo is the global leader in price optimization and sales optimization SaaS solutions for large enterprises that seek to optimize growth and profitability and their pursuit of Commercial Excellence.

For Vendavo, we’ve:

  • Developed an updated branding and messaging architecture, including a new tagline, based on research among users and prospects.
  • Consulted on revising internal processes and best practices to drive collaboration and efficiency within the marketing team, especially in content and GTM intiatives.
  • Built and managed the content marketing calendar for the organization and led adoption of a project management platform (Asana).
  • Led a complete revision of the website, including all-new content and copy throughout, including SEO and UX/navigation/content taxonomy.
  • Revamped and managed the company blog, including creation of original content and coordination, editing, and optimization of content provided by internal and external SMEs.
  • Managed development and publication of new content including ebooks, white papers, infographics, video, and more.
  • Provided copywriting for a wide range of GTM campaigns, especially in PPC, email and account-specific marketing.
  • Consulted on assessment of various process platforms, and implementation of the winning solution, in order to optimize project management within the marketing department.
  • Through all of the above, we contributed to website and content-related MQLs rising by 5,815% in just nine months.

Content, Collateral, PR