What’s your brainstorming and ideation R.O.I.?

Think about it: when you’re gathering a teamload of talent to spin up new ideas or creative solutions, are you getting the maximum out of that meeting? Do you get the best results from your usual idea-generation process?

There are many best practices involved in effective brainstorming, from where and when you hold one to how you pre-program participants’ brains, what you feed your crew, and which specific activities unleash their fullest, brightest thinking.

A science, an art, a proven process

As a trained brainstorm facilitator and ideation process leader, I’ve spent 20+ years leading groups in generating award-winning marketing concepts and creative ideas for some of the biggest brands in the world, from Coca-Cola to Microsoft, Frito-Lay to Kraft, BigMachines to Motorola.

I can help you leverage brainstorming and creative coaching as tools for doing more than just generating killer marketing ideas.

They offer huge benefits across multiple fronts:

  • Concepting & Ideation
  • Creative Culture Development
  • Team-Based Problem Solving
  • Insight & Strategy Development
  • Team Building & Communication Enhancement
  • SWOT Analysis

Start with a free consultation…

First, download our Brainstorming & Ideation Collaboration brochure (at right). Then contact us for a free consultation.

It’s not a “sales call” – we’ll discuss your need with you, then lay out a few pointers and a plan of attack. If you like what you hear, we’ll give you a quick estimate.

Whether our session is in person or online, I’ll help you make it productive and motivating for everyone.

Plus, we can help with the logistics and locations of any brainstorm. Need an exciting offsite brainstorming facility for your next brainstorm in Los Angeles, Chicago or other markets?  We’ll give you a range of recommendations to fit all kinds of budgets.