What’s “quality” B2B content?

It’s usable. Informative. Insightful. And it avoids the hard-sell like the plague, because consumers and B2B buyers alike are rejecting it, too.

After almost 20 years of working in content, inbound and digital marketing, I can tell you that good content, viralized via social media, properly syndicated and integrated with marketing automation, does your business a lot of favors:

  • It badges you as a segment leader and trusted resource
  • It drives prospects into your sales funnel
  • It turns your audience into evangelists
  • It unites stakeholders, employees and followers in a common vision of your enterprise

What will crappy content – indifferently-developed, scraped from outside sources, or just rote repetition of what’s been said before – do for your business?

None of the above. Fact is, it damages your brand.

Hitting the B2B content target

One old adage says “90% of anything is crap.”  When it comes to digital content and inbound marketing, you want to be in that golden 10%: Engaging, interesting, shareworthy, standing out in a miasma of mediocrity by delivering actionable insight to your target.

Truth is, most present-day content, B2B or B2C alike, is a regurgitation of general knowledge or existing content wisdom, recycling what’s already available.

Content vying for thought leadership adds something new to that knowledge base.

The actionable insights you give readers or viewers speak to their real wants or needs, empowering them with new approaches, new perspectives.

So hitting the content marketing bull’s-eye is about delivering content that more than illuminates. It also ties back to how your own P.O.D.s provide a superior solution.

Engage, nurture, convert!

As a digital strategy/creative expert, I know social media and content work best when teamed with SEO, SEM, email, eCRM and other tactics as part of a three-phased process encompassing outreach, engagement and conversion.

Your end goal might be sales, or opt-ins, or community-building.

But any of them require integration of social media and content into a unified strategy where each clicks into place as part of an omnichannel solution.

Social media marketing and content marketing can forge relationships with prospects based on authentic interactions across all three phases. Rich, quality content and targeted CTAs create dialogue that leads to closing them as a new customer or consumer.

Finding the right mix depends on what kind of KPIs you’re trying to hit, which social channels work best, and what content drives measurable engagement, leads activation and virality.

Expert Tools for Inbound Success

I supply the strategy, creative and execution skills that help your content marketing and SMM efforts hit their goals.
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