Is your content engine optimized?

Here’s an unfortunate fact: Many B2B companies don’t realize their content “business model” is broken in the first place. That’s where we help.

What issues and pain points can go unfixed, or even unrecognized, and cause your content publishing processes to be inefficient – or even a drag on your business?

  • A lack of clear guidelines and goals for content projects
  • No audit or inventory of existing content, so there’s no way to spot gaps
  • Confused or siloed content workflows, leading to duplication of effort and the need to rework and re-rework content
  • Bad process design leading to poor integration of SEO, QA, and other necessary steps
  • Lack of alignment with actual customer, sales, or support team needs
  • No centralization of content assets to ensure single-source-of-truth
  • Poor project management capabilities, so deadlines are missed and resources are wasted

Those are just a few of the issues plaguing B2B content marketing initiatives that are aiming to wring maximum potential value from content.  But ineffective content is the result of ineffective processes, not the talent of the people involved.

We help you rationalize and accelerate content production

For many clients, we help them analyze their current content inventory and content development and content publishing processes.  Then we recommend measures, based on our background providing content process optimization for other B2B companies, on how to best revamp their content marketing workflows and toolkits.

Content Process Optimization

The result? Their internal content processes become more harmonious, efficient, targeted, and ROI-driving.  In short, content marketing becomes a more valuable asset for the entire organization.

Contact us if you’d like to have us audit your processes and find more effective and efficient ways of creating and deploying content.