Let’s be honest: It’s important to deliver high-quality, engaging content that makes you invaluable to clients and managers who might otherwise consider replacing you with generative A.I. or a content mill.

This is where behind-the-scenes insights and proven techniques can make all the difference for a writer, editor, or other content marketing professional.

Why you need this coaching now!

I’ve spent my career helping others within corporations and agencies improve their writing skills, on everything from tech to consumer products–and still do. But today, writers face more threats than ever as companies cut costs by using AI or offshoring.

If you’re in any of these situations, you should book a call with me now:

  • You’re out of work or underemployed as a writer.
  • Your client base has been reduced by recession or clients going with cheaper options.
  • You’re a new college graduate.
  • You simply want to sharpen your writing and client management skills.
  • You’re in a corporate role and want to improve an in-house team’s writing competencies.

What you’ll learn

Book an appointment today so I can help you in any of these key areas:

  • Mastering AI: Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT frighten many creators, but find out how to use them to your advantage while enhancing your invaluable human skills.
  • Client Coping Skills: Gain insights on how to navigate corporate processes, politics, and more to become a more valuable and collaborative content resource.
  • Understanding SEO: The rules of search engine optimization are always changing. What are the new guidelines, and how can you devise content that performs well?
  • Content Formatting for Different Platforms: Tailor your content for various online platforms and channels, including websites, blogs, and social media.

Get a free
30-minute consultation

We’ll talk about what you want to learn, the skills you want to polish, and set goals for your personalized coaching!


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Improve your basic skills

  • Writing for Results: Discover proven techniques to write clear, concise, and SEO-friendly content that ranks higher in search engines.
  • Insider Editing Tips: Learn how to effectively edit and polish your content for maximum impact – making you A.I.-proof. You’ll send me a sample of your work and we’ll review and improve it together in real time.
  • Content Marketing Calendar Planning: You’re more hireable if you can help a CMO or content lead with marketing strategy, from audience targeting to planning and placement.
  • Unlock the Secrets of Powerful Storytelling: “Storytelling” is huge in B2C and B2B, so learn those techniques, including how to build content flows that work across channels, capture attention, build trust and drive prospects down the funnel.

Why choose me?

I’m a digital nomad who changes countries every few months, sometimes monthly. The tips and tricks I use enable this by helping me conduct my business in cutting-edge ways that let me keep corporate clients, even in Silicon Valley, happy and loyal.

  • Learn from the best: Gain insights from a content marketing expert with a proven track record of success. Every day, I consult with corporate clients–so I know what’s up and how they think!
  • Actionable strategies: This program goes beyond theory. You’ll walk away with practical skills and techniques you can put to work as soon as you leave a session.
  • Flexible 1:1 learning: All meetings are online, so you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Most sessions are 1:1, so you’ll receive instruction that’s exclusive to you.
About me:
  • 30+ years in copywriting, content writing, editing and creative direction.
  • Senior roles in digital, advertising, experiential, sales promotion, shopper marketing and more.
  • We’re digital nomads who are able to work from anywhere thanks to these tips and tricks.

Invest in your own content marketing success

Go beyond producing mediocre content (or “craptent”). Book today and unlock the real power of content to achieve your business goals.

Limited spots available!

I only work with a limited number of people per year, so book a meeting with me now to secure your spot in this exclusive program. Click below to start making more money and feel more in control of your career!


Single Session ($225):

  • Focus on a specific content writing topic (e.g., working with AI, SEO writing, blog post creation, copywriting for social media).
  • Ideal for those who need a targeted boost in a particular area.
  • Consists of one hour of personalized instruction and Q&A.

Silver Package (2 Sessions – $400):

  • Two 1-hour sessions on separate content writing topics.
  • Save $50 compared to purchasing sessions individually.

Gold Package (4 Sessions – $750):

  • Four 1-hour sessions, allowing for a deeper dive into multiple content writing aspects.
  • Save $200 compared to purchasing sessions individually.


All sessions and packages require full upfront payment. We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

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