What’s the most effective way to connect with your audience? It’s through live, face-to-face or experiential encounters.

That’s true even after COVID-19 and the growth of hybrid and virtual events:

  • Nearly 90% of C-suite executives believe in the power of events, according to HubSpot.
  • 72% of recent business events survey respondents said they’d get more value out of attending a hybrid event in person.
  • 88% of companies are returning to planning different types of events.
  • 71% of worldwide respondents surveyed by Eventbrite said they’d held virtual events in 2021, but only 49% planned to host them in 2022.

So imaginative, compelling events will become more important as people continue shifting away from just accepting the messages marketers bombard them with. They’re more willing to trust direct experiences and social validation as they determine a brand or product’s value and relevance.



Better connection and credibility: There’s nothing better than a hands-on demo, a live experience or one-to-one encounter to give you a stronger connection and validity with your audience.

Consumer control = loyalty: People appreciate the power of choice, so by integrating social media and mobile into a live experience and letting your audience pick-and-choose aspects of their engagement, you build loyalty toward your brand.

From one-to-one to one-to-many: We love sharing live experiences via social or mobile media, so you’ll not only be eye-to-eye with your audience, you’ll reach their own circle of contacts.

Drive deeper engagement right on the spot: Technologies like iBeacon allow attendees to interact with your live event and brand instantaneously, and you can turn that into an opportunity for deeper engagement, even purchase.


By bringing my award-winning expertise in event and experiential marketing to bear, we’ll turn a live, hybrid or even virtual event into an indelible, immersive, tactile brand experience that engages your target audience as no other channel can.  Whether a mall event, a guerrilla or ambush program, a retail program or a national tour, I’ve done them all.

I’m also expert at integrating digital/mobile tactics, promotions and social media into the experiential mix, really optimizing audience engagement. Especially for hybrid events.

Take advantage of abilities in…

  • Event and field marketing strategy & concepting
  • Mall and retail event programs
  • Trade show and conference events
  • Guerrilla and ambush programs
  • Assisted sales and in-store field marketing
  • Design, content and production direction
  • Vendor management and budgeting
  • Social media and mobile integration
  • Shopper marketing and sales promotion integration
  • Venue assessment, negotiation and selection
  • Entertainment or media property integration
  • Pre- and post-event public relations and buzz-building